Women’s Flip Flops - Color Block Leaf Light / Sea Salt


Women’s Flip Flops - Color Block Leaf Light / Sea Salt

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6 Other available colors:

  • Color Block Coral / Sea Salt
  • Color Block Shore / Shore Light
  • Color Block Pollen / Sea Salt
  • Color Block Vintage Leaf / Sea Salt
  • Color Block Lilac / Sea Salt
  • Color Block Leaf / Leaf Light
Color:Leaf Light/ Sea Salt

Our quest to make the perfect flip flop has led us to the ESSNTLS. We started by sourcing the best materials we could find—natural rubber and vegan uppers. Thoughtful ingredients combined with our signature recycled tire sole technology and an affordable price make the ESSNTLS the most ‘ECOnomical’ flip flop in the world.

  • Recycled tire soles
  • Contoured natural rubber footbed
  • Embedded arch support
  • Waterproof
  • Comfortable nylon toe thong
  • Laser engraved ENVRO fiber straps
  • Light and flexible at approx. 369g (13oz)
  • Made without animals or the use of fuel powered machinery


Made using Recycled Materials

Each pair of Indosoles allow you to experience the future of sustainable fashion. Low in its carbon footprint while still high on functionality, these pair of sandals will be your go-to pair at home, while out on errands, and for your everyday adventures.