June is a month of loving boldly. It is a time to celebrate who you are and who you love despite of gender, identity or sexual orientation. Indosole stands proudly as an ally to the LGBTQIA+ movement and celebrates Pride Month in this respect. We believe that love knows no boundaries or limitations. Loving each other openly, without judgment is something Indosole believes in wholeheartedly. Even though spreading the word of love and acceptance is a full time commitment the entire year around, we still wanted to take part in the worldwide celebration of queerness and highlight individual uniqueness during this special month.

Pride month originally originated in celebration of gay people. As time progressed and more queer people felt empowered to come out, the movement became more and more diverse. What started as a holiday lasting only one day was soon extended to a whole month of worldwide celebrations including pride parades, parties, workshops, concerts and memorials for victims of hate crimes or HIV/AIDS with millions of participants. Pride month, as a celebration of love and acceptance, welcomes everyone willing to support the community. Whether you are cisgender and straight or the queerest color of the rainbow, everybody is appreciated. Besides embracing uniqueness and love with no boundaries Pride Month also aims to shine light on LGBTQIA+ issues like gay marriage, same sex adoption and gender rights.

This year for pride month Indosole has something special to share... Show your support and let your colors shine with our limited edition pride slides! 

These were inspired by all the strong and proud members of the LGBTQIA+ community. We want our Indosole community to show our support and wear our colors proud and loud. 

Check out our slides here!


We hope everyone takes this month to express their love and show their support to the LGBTQIA+ community. Don't forget to show your colors off this month!


With love, 


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