Help Get Oka to Australia

Help Get Oka to Australia

For those of you who have lived, surfed, or been around Canggu, Bali then you may have seen 20 year old local Oka Kawan doing casual headstands and hang tens at his home break in Batu Bolong. Usually the one with the biggest grin and the greatest energy in the lineup. If you haven't met Oka, he is one of the humblest humans around and currently needs your support!

Oka will be coming to Australia for the first time for the Byron Bay Surf Festival and to compete in the Noosa Longboarding contest, whilst experiencing a new country and meeting rad people.

His visa is approved and flights are booked, but he needs financial support for simple accomodation and transport, one nights stay in Aus can sometimes be half a month's pay in Bali.

Whether a traveller, surfer, lover of Bali past or present, or apart of the Canggu Community / expat Bali business, your help will go a long way.

Oka steps foot on foreign soil on the 18th of Feb, we hope you can give him a helping hand!


Thanks for your support of Oka

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