Fashion Revolution Week

Fashion Revolution Week

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Fashion Revolution week is one of our favorite celebrations of the year. Fashion Revolution is an organization who promotes responsible manufacturing and fair labor practices in manufacturing.

At Indosole, we believe in transparency in the supply chain and this has been one of our core values since day 1. While larger companies are back peddling to fix their manufacturing to be more responsible and transparent, we have built our company around these methods. Transparency is a key attribute of our brand which we are proud of.

Last year, we worked with Fashion Revolution to create our own campaign called "I made your sandals." in an effort to provide our customers with a look behind the scenes at the Indosole workshop. These are the people that make our world go around. They are the ones that develop and make our footwear.

Last week our Head of Sustainability - Kai Paul and Marketing Manager and Founder of Last Layer - Zepha Jackson were on location at the SLOW Hotel in Canggu, Bali for an evening of Q&A and talk about manufacturing practices in Indonesia. Kai and Zepha talked about what responsible manufacturing means to them and how we promote it in our brand's messaging.

"To me, responsible manufacturing is tied to respect. Respect for the earth and the land that we love to play in. It is actually quite simple, we want to swim and surf in clean water, to walk on clean sand, and breathe fresh air. Clean manufacturing is just one of the things that contributes to having a more green and blue world." Kai Paul, Head of Sustainability at Indosole

"Last Layer represents communities of talented artisans, tribes, innovators and designers. Working together to offer unique product in line with our slow made values. The story is special, the process is ethical and the wastage is minimal." Zepha Jackson, Founder at Last Layer

Meet the artisans at Last Layer

Kai and Zepha Speaking at The SLOW Hotel on April 22nd:

Thank you for supporting transparency and responsibility in the supply chain,


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