Women’s Flip Flops Sneaker Sole - Orang / Black-Black

Sale price€39,95

4 Other available colors:

  • Black/Red Sole
  • Sea Salt/Orange Sole
  • Black/Orange Sole
  • Sea Salt/Red Sole
Color:Orange / Black-Black

Our quest to make the perfect flip flop has led us to the ESSNTLS. We started by sourcing the best materials we could find—natural rubber and vegan uppers. Thoughtful ingredients combined with our signature recycled tire sole technology and an affordable price make the ESSNTLS the most ‘ECOnomical’ flip flop in the world.

  • Recycled sneaker soles
  • Contoured natural rubber footbed
  • Embedded arch support
  • Waterproof
  • Comfortable nylon toe thong
  • Laser engraved ENVRO fiber straps
  • Light and flexible at approx. 247g (8.7oz)
  • Made without animals or the use of fuel powered machinery


Soles Made from Recycled Sneakers

Indonesia produces over 20 million pairs of sneakers every year. As a global hub for sneaker production, hundreds of thousands of defect pairs of sneakers are thrown out.

We decided to recycle these sneakers thrown out by major sneaker brands and turn them into soles.