Solemates from Australia

Solemates from Australia

Indosole AU's Solemate of the month. 

A couple of weeks ago in Sydney, Australia, Tessa joined a bunch of passionate high school students to rally for change.
Meet Tessa De Josselin,
Indosole AU's Solemate of the month.

A couple of weeks ago in Sydney, Australia, Tessa joined a bunch of passionate high school students to rally for change.
'Hi my name is Tessa, I am 29, and I grew up in the small coastal town of Narrabeen. I am a surfer, an actor, and I have always had a strong love for the natural world. It’s just so damn beautiful and gives so much enjoyment. Makes sense that I would want to help its preservation. Sometimes I think that’s the biggest hurdle in getting people interested in protecting something – igniting an appreciation for its very existence. But the fact is, the degradation of the natural world negatively affects everyone, especially those in the developing world, and benefits only a very elite few.'
'After high school I did an undergraduate degree in Geosciences, worked for the State Government in Environmental Planning, before taking a side step into acting at 23. Performance is still very much my main profession, and I love it, but I also recently started my Masters in Sustainable Development and Climate Policy online, so now juggle both passions. There are huge hurdles to overcome in terms of governmental and global wide commitment to renewable energy, pollution, water policies, waste management etc, so it’s always important to let your leaders know what you care about. But it’s also important to simply exercise mindfulness in terms of your own personal footprint. That’s the easy place to start, and it feels good too'

via Indosole Australia
Solemate: Tessa De Josslin
Photographer + Clothes: Makers of Belief- Kirsty Barros
Location: The Dolphin Hotel, NSW, Australia.

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