Introducing Indosole Japan– INDOSOLE EUROPE

Introducing Indosole Japan

Indosole Japan Recycled Tire Footwear
Indosole Team Walking through Japan
This past week we traveled to Japan. We wanted to live the culture and understand our new territory in which we have always wanted to be a part of. We were fortunate to attend the Greenroom Festival, a beautiful marriage of Art, Fashion and Music. It was an eye opening experience of how this culture truly is so thoughtful in every aspect of everything they do.
As a brand, we have always respected the Japanese culture, the food, the people and of course their tradition. We always thought that our brand would be a good fit in Japan and now we have our opportunity. We have partnered with some amazing people who we believe will take our brand to another level.
We will be launching Indosole Japan in early July with much excitement for what the future will hold.
The brand will be launched in 6 Port of Call stores and will be available online for customers in that region.

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