From Our Community To Yours 🖤

From Our Community To Yours 🖤

Indosole celebrates 13 years of pushing forward as a small business, driven by the joy of building a family, a community, and creating products that bring happiness. They express gratitude to their supportive community and dedicated retail staff who have kept their doors open during the pandemic. In honor of Small Business Saturday, they introduce Lana, a resilient and resourceful member of their team, and offer a 10% discount with the code "SmallBizBali," with 10% of purchases going back to their staff in Bali. Together, they encourage everyone to keep pushing forward.

13 years of push!

Push to stay alive. Push to do things better. Push to make great products. Pushing ourselves to keep pushing. Small business is tough / small business is rewarding. It's the yin and yang that are the heartbeat of small businesses. The challenge is real. But so is the joy, the pure sweet joy. The building of a family. The building of a community. The building of a product or service that people enjoy and find useful. In the case of Indosole, we continue to provide both a product- a sandal, and a service - a way to help you live a more beautiful and resourceful life that we hope will bring you happiness and joy.

We have been pushing for 13 years and there is no way we could keep doing this without the community that has been so good to us. 4 years ago we built our first flagship store in Echo Beach, Canggu, on the island of Bali, and just recently we opened 2 more stores - 1 in Ubud, and 1 in Uluwatu - both on our beautiful home of Bali.

Our retail staff has been at the core of our shops - keeping our doors open through the pandemic and our ability to open 2 more stores in which we are very proud of. This Small Business Saturday we want to thank you - to our community and provide a special thanks to our retail staff who work so hard to provide a positive experience to all who visit our Indosole stores. 


In light of small business Saturday we'd like to introduce your to Lana! 

Lana is in charge :) gracefully and resourcefully managing our retail spaces in Bali for the last 3 years. Originally from Jakarta, Lana has been living in Bali for 9 years now. Lana enjoys going to the beach, her favorite being Padang-Padang Beach in Uluwatu. A favorite customer story is when two couples from Korea came to our flagship store in Canggu, and loved hearing about Indosole's history from her. They ended up buying 13 pairs of our sandals as a souvenir for their family and friends back home. Lana has been a rock for our team in Bali, a leader to our retail staff in Bali, and always has a smile on her face.


So we will be providing 10% off your purchase and 10% of your purchase will be going back to our staff in Bali by using the code:


The codes work both online and in-store at our shops in Echo Beach, Ubud, and Uluwatu

Thank you for your support. Let's keep pushing!

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