Becoming Sustainable With Rosalie

Becoming Sustainable With Rosalie

Indosole is thrilled to introduce Rosalie, also known as sustainably_rosalie, as a member of the Indosole family. With her passion for sustainability and dedication to a better future, Rosalie aligns perfectly with Indosole's values. In an interview, Rosalie shares her thoughts on sustainability, ethics, and being a good human. She emphasizes the importance of considering the well-being of others and spreading awareness about the impact of our choices. Indosole looks forward to collaborating with Rosalie and creating more impactful content together.

Indosole is excited to introduce Rosalie!

Also known as sustainably_rosalie or known for her website!  

Rosalie’s passion and drive towards a sustainable future has always made her someone we consider a good human, so having her join the Indosole family only seemed natural. 

We decided to ask her some questions so that you guys have the opportunity to get to know her a little better and on a deeper level! We can’t wait to create more content with her and see where this collaboration takes us!

In a couple of sentences who are you and what do you do?

Hi, my name is Rosalie and the island of O'ahu is my home. I've adopted the nickname "Sustainably Rosalie'' because of my Instagram handle and the common theme of my social media and website content.

What does “sustainable” mean to you?

To me, something is sustainable if it takes the future into account so it can continue to happen. Instead of using resources with no plans to replenish them, it leaves resources the same or even better than before. Being sustainable is absolutely vital in order for us to continue to live life to the fullest on this planet. 


What does “ethical” mean to you?

I believe the word "ethical" can only be used to describe a product, brand, practice, etc. that cares for the needs of people involved in it. That may sound dogmatic, but I don't mean it has to be perfect. It's simply an intention paired with action, including the well-being of others in the business plan.  


What is a good human?

I would say a good human often loves others well. Whether that person is taking care of a neighbor or helping someone across the globe through their buying practices, they're sacrificing something of their own in order to love someone else. 

How does it feel to be one of our good humans?

The title of a good human is worth more to me than most titles people would be striving for. The joy it gives me to be called a good human by the Indosole team brings me back to the joy I felt when I first started spreading awareness to consumers six years ago, believing if I was heard by just one person then it was an absolutely amazing day. 


As a person with a voice and a purpose, what’s your message to our viewers?

I must say, there are a LOT of messages I want to spread, but over the years I have felt most called to one specific message. That message is to remember that even though most people affected by the clothes and accessories we buy are distant and disconnected from us, no amount of style, status or expression through fashion is worth harming those involved in making it. 


In one word, what does the world need more of?



In one word, what does the world need less of?


Check out her website here


Let us know who else you think we should partner up with!

Love, Indosole Team

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